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Whether you are pre-planning for yourself or choosing for a loved one, casket selection is a very personal decision and an expression of your feelings. We understand these needs and offer a wide variety of caskets that can help you make your decision.

All of the caskets represented in this catalogue are manufactured by companies with strong reputations for producing caskets with high-quality materials and skilled workmanship.

In addition to our in-stock caskets, we can quickly get for you any casket available on the market.

Our Casket Selection

All prices are subject to change. All prices include GST.

Maple Stained Coffin/Casket
Maple Stained $899
Grosvener Rimu Coffin/Casket
Grosvener Rimu $1299
Grosvenor Mahogany Coffin/Casket
Grosvenor Mahogany $1299
Natural Pine Coffin/Casket
Natural Pine $1399
Richmond Rimu Coffin/Casket
Richmond Rimu $1499
Richmond Mahogany Coffin/Casket
Richmond Mahogany $1499
Status Rimu Coffin/Casket
Status Rimu $1699
Status Mahogany Coffin/Casket
Status Mahogany $1699
Sherwood Blue Coffin/Casket
Sherwood Blue $1799
Status White Coffin/Casket
Status White $1799
Recycled Native Timber Coffin/Casket
Recycled Native Timber $2299
Solid Rimu Coffin/Casket
Solid Rimu $4499