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Our Urn Selection

Stone Urns

Dragon White Stone Urn
Dragon White
Blessing White Stone Urn
Blessing White
Gold Oval Stone Urn
Gold Oval
White Oval Stone Urn
White Oval
Green Oval Stone Urn
Green Oval
Buddhist Blessing Stone Urn
Buddhist Blessing
Green Oval Large Stone Urn
Green Oval Large

Metal Urns

Aria Rose Pink Metal Urn
Aria Rose Pink
Aria tree of life Metal Urn
Aria Tree Of Life
Glenwood White Marble Metal Urn
Glenwood White Marble
Brass Going Home Metal Urn
Brass Going Home
Classic Gold Metal Urn
Classic Gold
Classic Pewter Metal Urn
Classic Pewter
Classic Platinum Metal Urn
Classic Platinum
Lineas Rustic Sage Metal Urn
Lineas Rustic Sage
Trinity Pearl Metal Urn
Trinity Pearl
Trinity Moonlight-Blue Metal Urn
Trinity Moonlight-Blue

Other Urns

Ceramic Plum Blossom Urn
Ceramic Plum Blossom
Ceramic Rose Bouquet Urn
Ceramic Rose Bouquet
Cloisonne Butterfly Urn
Cloisonne Butterfly
Cloisonne Floral Blush Urn
Cloisonne Floral Blush
Fiberglass Luce Large Urn
Fiberglass Luce Large
Fiberglass Ondine Large Urn
Fiberglass Ondine Large

Jewellery Urns

Shine Heart Sterling Silver Jewellery Urn
Shine Heart Sterling Silver
Royal Heart Stainless Steel Jewellery Urn
Royal Heart Stainless Steel
Parental Love Sterling Silver Jewellery Urn
Parental Love Sterling Silver
Star Stainless Steel Jewellery Urn
Star Stainless Steel
Celtic Cross Sterling Silver Jewellery Urn
Celtic Cross Sterling Silver
My Angle Sterling Silver Jewellery Urn
My Angle Sterling Silver
Bracelet Stainless Steel Jewellery Urn
Bracelet Stainless Steel
Flower Stainless Steel Pendant Jewellery Urn
Flower Stainless Steel Pendant
Gold Plated or Sterling Silver Bracelet Jewellery Urn
Gold Plated or Sterling Silver Bracelet
Gold Plated or Sterling Silver Strong Heart Pendant Jewellery Urn
Gold Plated or Sterling Silver Strong Heart
Stainless Steel Butterfly Jewellery Urn
Stainless Steel Butterfly
Teardrop Ribbon Heart Midnight Stones Pendant Jewellery Urn
Teardrop Ribbon Heart Midnight